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Introducing patented freshbank plant support organic systems


Our vision is to present hydroponic produce to consumers fresh from the farm to the plate, to justify the Australian farmers hard work

Freshbank is owned and manufactured in Australia. Our plant support systems are revolutionizing the marketing of hydroponic produce. Your lettuces and herbs are presented to you by Freshbank Organic Systems.

The produce displayed is invitingly fresh from the farm to you the consumer. Agronomists state that plants cells after harvesting remain alive for some time, however within forty minutes vitamins and enzymes start to break down. Produce kept alive in our plant support organic systems continue to maintain high quality appearance, flavor, nutrients and trace elements.

Other retail outlets are thinking of new ways of packaging herbs and other fresh produce to maximize shelf life, but we have gone one step beyond keep your hydroponic produce alive.

We hop you enjoy your produce as it stays fresher for longer. Advantageous to our plant support systems is our organic hydroponic mix that sustains the living plants.


To compliment the produce bought from the retail plant support systems we have developed and patented the Kitchen Bench top available from Freshbank.

The Freshbank bench top will enhance your kitchen environment with the anesthetic and pleasing aromas of living herbs, lettuces and edible flowers. Fresh hydroponic produce purchased from your local store (or available from Freshbank Retail Organic Systems) can be kept alive and vibrant in the kitchen bench top. We recommend the kitchen bench top be placed in a sunny position. Our organic mix will sustain the living plants in this fully automated unit.

The kitchen bench top is made of the highest grade stainless steel and quality components, making the overall unit strong and durable.

In our cosmopolitan society, current market research suggests people are using more herbs at an increased rate of 15% annually. The domestic model makes herbs more accessible and appealing for use. You will want to try and buy a greater variety of produce.

Hydroponics is the way of our future. From our expertise in the science of hydroponics we have made the system simple to install and use.

Enjoy real tasting fresh produce and a healthier lifestyle now.