Do You Want Flies With That?

Nothing looks worse for your business than the mixture of food and flies. Even the remanence of a dead fly is enough to scare customers away into the abyss. Just the rumor of unhygienic practices in your business is enough to stop those customers from buying the product of your hard labor. When the flies and other pest keep coming and you’ve done everything imaginable it seems uncontrollably and frustratingly unfair. The truth is getting rid of your fly problem is no easy solution quite simply the conditions your business resolves itself in is the very conditions flies flourish. So how do we stop them?


Kingfrog combines 30 years of experience in the pest industry with the power of HACCP fly control products to ensure these pesty flies don’t feel welcome. King frog uses their unique fly control system E.P.R.A and there advanced dispenser unit that guarantees results.

Kingfrog's EPRA system 

Evaluate the overwhelming problem; this could be due to maintenance, food preparation, sanitation, garbage disposable, routines and surroundings. By evaluating the potential problems we can overcome the major issue of flies reappearing once a successful repellent is introduced. This is were businesses go wrong they hire pest control professionals who eliminate the pests but do not fix the problem. Kingfrog works with some of the biggest names in the food industry by evaluating and successfully planning a pest control system.

Prepare: Depending on the pest and the situation Kingfrog needs to prepare certain levels of repellant systems to ensure effectiveness of the solution. Many businesses have too many variables to simply just put in a magic can of fly control spray that fixes all our problems. Simply put the preparation & evaluation stages are crucial to battling these flies. It requires passionate and knowledgeable professionals that can determine the issues and prepare a repellant system.


Repel: This is where we use our all natural, haacp approved, biodegradable Pyrethrin which is harnessed in the famous no-flyzone automatic canisters. These along with other successful and marketed tested products to kill, repel and ultimately extinguish your fly problem.


Assess: The last stage of the Kingfrog ultimate solution is to assess our plan and ensure it is working. We guarantee that Kingfrog will repel your pest problem and the reason we guarantee it is we know the industry, we understand the pests and most importantly we evaluate and assess these problems with upmost scrutiny to ensure every customer is satisfied and every fly is repelled.     



KingFrog is about environmental pest solutions; we believe in treating every problem in the greenest and most eco-friendliest way possible. The underlining fact is that unnecessary chemicals and poisons are used in every day products which is simply not needed. Many pest solutions can be resolved through carful planning and knowledge of the pest themselves and the repellants available. KingFrog is establishing a better, greener and more efficient pest solution community where together we can solve the problems without leveraging the health of the environment.


  • Flies transmit diseases as the harbor more than 100 different pathogenic organisms and potentially can create health risks by spreading these pathogens.


  • Food safety is imperative to food & beverage businesses & business owners are required to meet certain standards and practices regarding pests and their product


  • The average hospitality business spent in 2017 $9,184 per year on pest control services, most services are ineffective




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